Day trip to Silverton

Dreaming of a holiday in far west NSW, we have put together some suggestions on how to plan a great holiday in NSW backyard

historic broken Hill

Where is Broken Hill?

Where is Broken Hill? We have all heard about Broken Hill, the famous mining town of BHP, home to Drag Queens and many Australian painters; but where [exactly] is Broken Hill?’ Where is Broken Hill situated within the landscape of Australia? How do you get there? Set in the vast plains of red dirt and grey […]

NSW Tourism Award 2018

We won GOLD | NSW Tourism Award 18

Winning GOLD at the NSW Tourism Award 2018!! “Winning Gold at the NSW Tourism Award 2018 was a big surprise,” says joint owner Helene Power. “We did not expect that, it is a competition of high standards and receiving this award is very much a recognition of our commitment to delivering quality products and experiences […]

Light installation Kane Trubenbacher

‘Altar’ environmental art | work by Kane Trubenbacher

‘Altar’ an installation of environmental art an experience of light & desert made permanent in a motel room  ‘Altar’ is a place designed to experience the ephemeral light of the desert, a space to make communion with the light, the desert and the endless horizons of the outback. ‘Too often’ says Kane ‘we take for […]

altar by kane trubenbacher

Altar | Kane Trubenbacher | Art installation

‘Altar’ by Kane Trubenbacher This new show ‘Altar’ by Kane Trubenbacher hosted at the Lodge Outback Motel, Broken Hill is part sculpture part installation. Placed in one of our motel rooms the installation will act as a space to make communion with the light and the land of the desert. Open everyday between 10-5pm, gold […]

painting by albert woodroffe

Albert Woodroffe | exhibitor | stories of Broken Hill

Albert Woodroffe | Exhibitor | Stories of broken Hill an exhibition of local art We are excited to show work of Albert Woodroffe & Wayne Williams a selection of local art drawn from the rich field of artists that live and work in Broken Hill. The exhibition is hosted in our main building; a building […]

pencil drawing pro hart

Stories of Broken Hill an exhibition of local art

Wayne Williams | Exhibitor | Stories of Broken Hill an exhibition of local art After the success of our first exhibition Outback Colour & Wind we are exited to be showing a new selection of local art. The two feature artists are: Wayne Williams and Albert Woodroffe. Artist statement of Wayne Williams Wayne Williams is […]

town hall heritage festival broken hill

If only walls could talk – Broken Hill Heritage Festival

Showing our heritage – ‘if only walls could talk’ Excited to have taken part of the inaugural Broken Hill Heritage festival ‘if only walls could talk’ during the month of April & May 2018. We hosted a morning tea to interested people and took them through our heritage building to show the historical details. The […]

the imperial lakes by susan thomas

Susan Thomas | exhibitor | Outback | Colour & Wind

Artist Statement Susan Thomas is currently BHAE incorporated Artistic Director and a practicing artist. As an artist her primary practice is painting & drawing although all types of mediums are of interest. Where did you go to find inspiration for the work you have exhibited at the Outback | Colour & Wind exhibition? The artworks represent […]

forest of bubbles with broken hill art

Pop-up art exhibition Outback | Colour | Wind

Pop-up art exhibition at the Lodge Outback Motel featuring local artists   It is with great excitement that we have now opened our doors for the first pop-up art exhibition ‘Outback Colour & Wind’. It has long been our vision to use the public area at the Lodge to display art that show cases the […]

sam oster in the province in a nice mountain view and weather

Sam Oster | Exhibitor | Outback Colour & Wind

Artist statement Sam Oster is a professional photographer specialising in arts and entertainment, her work spans a broad range of genres. Working from her studio in Norwood (SA) she explores timelapse, 3D lenticular images, as well as bullet-time (time slice) techniques. Sam Oster is one of the exhibitors at the Outback Colour & Wind and […]

six men hill miners

Nickname | Mine your business

Nicknames? Mine your business! The first thing that happens when you step into a mine it seems, is that you are given a nickname.  John West, a recent visitor to The Lodge Outback Motel and a former employee at the North Mine says “A lot of blokes were only ever known by their nicknames”. The […]

forest green wit outback colour and wind art by helene power

Helene Power | exhibitor | Outback, Colour & Wind

Artist statement Helene Power Helene Power, besides being joint owner of the motel Helene has also worked as a visual artist using soft pastels, pencils and clay. Her point of focus has been the Australian landscape, taking inspiration from the strong and vibrant energy of the vast plains, the red dirt, the heat intensity and […]

a bird in the hand art

Karl James | exhibitor | Outback, Colour & Wind

Artist statement – Karl James Karl James is as a self- taught, multi award winning artist working from Whyalla in regional South Australia. His oeuvre is wide and ranges from colourful, expressionist, figurative narratives and portraits in oil and watercolour to charcoal, pastel and mixed media drawings, mono prints, linocuts and collages. He will be exhibiting […]

art exhibition broken hill tourism

New Broken Hill tourism venture

New Broken Hill tourism venture – planning a ‘Pop up’ art exhibition at the Lodge Outback Motel It has long been our vision to use the public area at the Lodge Outback Motel to display art, so it is with great excitement that we have finally taken the steps towards making this new Broken Hill […]

just like a local logo

Just Like a Local

The app ‘Just like a Local’ developed by local entrepreneur a Broken Hill success story Broken Hill entrepreneur Dionne Devlin developed the app ‘ Just Like a Local ’ an application which is free to download and contains information about local events, gathered from business, community, schools, councils, sporting bodies and event managers. “Launched back […]

old mining equipment

Learn about Broken Hill history

Learn about Broken Hill history visit these iconic places Broken Hill boasts an incredible story of mining and a life lived underground, a history that has shaped the identity of the town. Just look at the streetscape it speaks for itself. Follow this thread and read about places that embody this history. Broken Hill a […]

outback road work

Broken Hill drive

The Joy of Travel – Why driving to Broken Hill is a must. Ever wondered why you should make the long road journey to Broken Hill? Read on and I will set the scene as to why I think this Broken Hill drive is something you shouldn’t miss. We have all heard about Broken Hill, […]

the silly goat art in cafe wall

Silly Goat

Culinary innovation at Silly Goat Broken Hill’s Silly Goat café for delicious food, coffee and networking. Emilie Keenan and the team at the café are a perfect example of Broken Hill’s developing tourism services and business confidence. Some years back, this team took the bold step of moving away from traditional fried food to serve customers […]

katzki project: man, machine & environment

Off the beaten track

Taking art off the beaten track // Capper Katzki Project: Man, Machine & Environment James Capper (UK) and Katzki (Australia) have delivered a combination of sculpture, machinery, technology and filmmaking to celebrate the industrial heritage of Broken Hill. A collaborative project between city, machine and man. This project is something really new – taking art of […]

a blue stone in the dirt

Visit Broken Hill

The art of visit[ing] Broken Hill You might think why should I visit Broken Hill, what is there to see and do? Broken Hill, or as it is colloquially known as the Silver City with glimpses of silver, steel, rock and plenty of red earth. To some a wide-open canvas to play with, for others […]

old mining equipment

Broken Hill mining history

Broken Hill mining history Broken Hill mining history is one of those subjects everybody was taught about at school. It is Australia’s most famous digging settlement, an historic town there for you to explore. But as the digging slows – the history grows. A walk down the main street today reveals architecture in keeping with the […]

streetview of the places to eat broken hill

Places to Eat Broken Hill

Places to eat Broken Hill Where are places to eat [in] Broken Hill? A question that we are often asked when guests check-in at the Lodge Outback Motel, to make it easy we have put together a list of recommendations. With the Lodge located only a 10-minute walk down to the main street we recommend […]

a woman holding microphone broken heel festival

Broken Heel Festival

We have had a fabulous weekend with the Broken Heel festival celebrating the adventures of ‘Pricilla Queen of the Desert’. It all started with the arrival of the Silver Stiletto into Broken Hill rolling all the way from Sydney. Travellers were greeted by locals with lots of glitter and flags, I’m sure they were delighted […]

land with stones and plant

Celebrating the Bush regeneration work of Albert Morris

Guests who have been visiting Broken Hill for the Ecological Restoration field trip stated how impressed they have been with the event and experiences present in Broken Hill. This is a response we often get from people coming to Broken Hill, they are surprised by how much there is to see and do in Broken […]