We won GOLD | NSW Tourism Award 18

“Winning Gold at the NSW Tourism Award 2018 was a big surprise,” says joint owner Helene Power. “We did not expect that, it is a competition of high standards and receiving this award is very much a recognition of our commitment to delivering quality products and experiences to people traveling to Outback NSW”.

We have won a number of awards during the 13 years as owners of the Lodge Outback Motel. Winning Gold at the NSW Tourism Award 2018 is the highest accolade of all.

An opportunity to celebrate not only us but also the Outback region

We are very proud that Eldee Station also won Gold at the NSW Tourism award in the category of ‘Hosted Accommodation’. Winning the NSW Tourism award does not only place entrants in the spotlight but it is also a way to showcase the region and what it has to offer.

The award  highlights what  travellers of today look for. An experience and destination that offers something unique that can connect them with the source.

Writing up the submission for this award has sharpened our understanding of the needs of today’s traveller and what we can do to meet these needs. Visitors want to experience the destination and the Lodge Outback Motel with its unique building has an opportunity to meet these needs.

What is involved in submitting for an award?

To enter into an award, it is a requirement to submit a report that outlines the organisations success in areas of tourism excellence, business planning, marketing, customers service and sustainability. We can only recommend this process as it highlights how well the business has been performing over the year and what can be improved on. It is also an opportunity to think innovatively and work on new ideas that will give guests new experiences while visiting.