Broken Heel Festival

We have had a fabulous weekend with the Broken Heel festival celebrating the adventures of ‘Pricilla Queen of the Desert’.

It all started with the arrival of the Silver Stiletto into Broken Hill rolling all the way from Sydney. Travellers were greeted by locals with lots of glitter and flags, I’m sure they were delighted to finally be in Broken Hill.

The Broken Heel festival took place at the colourful Palace Hotel, Silverton Hotel and Town Square. It was a festival which offered a programme not for the fainthearted. Philmah Bocks & Art Simone were fabulous hosts during the event and made sure that there was never a dull moment.

The festival took off with an opening party at the palace hotel; it was a great opportunity to wear the frock, and party like a queen.

Saturday morning started with a chicken and champagne breakfast. We can only guess, but the dear darlings must have been so excited to get ready for Saturday’s activities that it caused a power outage across town. Can we just say, next time please don’t all use the hairdryers at the same time?


Broken Hill Town Square was electric with the Drag Queens showing off their latest fashions followed by taking a ‘Lap down the main drag’. While others were trying their luck in the ‘throwing handbag’ competition to win $500.

We had a great time at the Lodge Outback Motel mingling with the guests and hearing all their different stories. I spoke to one guest who ‘felt a real openness and welcome from all age group in Broken Hill. In her opinion this was something, which is not often seen in country towns.

Sunday was a country affair with the trip down the road to Silverton. Another opportunity to be strutting your stuff, enjoying a picnic up the dry creek bed and for those that wanted to stay longer watch a beautiful sunset at Mundi Mundi lookout.

Another guest said how they ‘experienced plenty of moments that memories are made of. It was also a great opportunity to check out what else there is to see in Broken Hill. Look out next year!!