Broken Hill drive

The Joy of Travel – Why driving to Broken Hill is a must.

Ever wondered why you should make the long road journey to Broken Hill? Read on and I will set the scene as to why I think this Broken Hill drive is something you shouldn’t miss.

We have all heard about Broken Hill, the famous town where mining giant BHP had its roots, home to drag Queen Priscilla and the famous Australian painter ProHart. So why should you make the long Broken Hill drive to see these attractions and others?

Broken Hill is all about large-scale practices and I believe the long drive is part of the vivid experience. The Broken Hill drive is a passage of contemplation where time becomes irrelevant and there is nothing that can be done to hurry the journey along.

It is a journey through a rough landscape of both past and present.

Think to generations gone and how they have had to endure these distances long before the modern motorcar. Early settlers in their Overlanders travelled on unsealed roads full of potholes, dust flying everywhere in a world were mechanics where far from being available.

“Blown tyres, broken springs, left behind many things”

So why do the Broken Hill drive?


Out of the vast arid fields of nothingness, the town of Broken Hill appears in the horizon, it seems to appear out of this enormous infinite landscape of nothingness. An experience that is hard to describe unless you yourself have seen it.

The arrival into Broken Hill is, for me, like going back in time. Not only are you met by an aged streetscape that contains so much history but also by a time zone that is different to the rest of NSW.

Destination Broken Hill encapsulates ‘real experience’, eccentricity and other-worldly beauty.

Some people say Broken Hill is what you make it. The potential for exploring is endless — it just depends on your point of interest. And the more you dig, the more unique the place becomes.