Learn about Broken Hill history

Learn about Broken Hill history visit these iconic places

Broken Hill boasts an incredible story of mining and a life lived underground, a history that has shaped the identity of the town. Just look at the streetscape it speaks for itself. Follow this thread and read about places that embody this history.

Broken Hill a town that has sustained mining for over two centuries

Mining in Broken Hill started in 1851 and still is big business. Today, Perilya & CBH resources are the main operators digging out lithium, lead, silver & zinc right in the centre of Broken Hill.

A visit to the Daydream Mine will give you ‘a rough and ready experience’ of how life was working underground in the early 1900s. The local guide will take you on a tour and show you the conditions miners endured.

Silver City Tours, as part of their tour package will take your through a mine in operation. Contact us at reception to book your place.

Fortunes have come and gone throughout Broken Hill history.

BHP Billiton originally started its dig in Broken Hill but ceased operations in 1939. The last remnant of BHP to be seen is the Chimney Ruin on Federation Way just below the big slagheap or line of lode that divides the town.

Experience the intense conditions of mining

Located close to the Visitor information centre you can experience close up the Kintore mineshaft, originally put to work in the 1800s. Mineshafts were used to transport, people, horses and equipment in and out of the mines.

For most of Broken Hill’s history, mining was a very dangerous profession, but social changes made here resonated around the world. The Trades hall is considered to be one of the birthplaces to the trade union movement and is well worth a visit.

If you want to learn more about Broken Hill history follow the Heritage trail along the streets of Argent & Blende or join the guided tour arranged by Broken Hill Visitor centre.