Broken Hill mining history

Broken Hill mining history is one of those subjects everybody was taught about at school. It is Australia’s most famous digging settlement, an historic town there for you to explore.

But as the digging slows – the history grows.

A walk down the main street today reveals architecture in keeping with the mining days of ‘boom and bust’. At the same time, Broken Hill provides new and adapted businesses catering to tourists who have come to see the history.

Streetscapes are a Broken Hill draw card.

The contrast between quality urban streetscapes and the nearby mining operations makes the mining history highly accessible. The main street is a visual feast of grand boom-era buildings, the laneways a quirky mishmash of corrugated iron and weathered bricks.

Invites you to strip away protective layers that blind you to see with clarity.

I have used the Broken Hill landscape, colours and light as a backdrop to create images of a selection of ceramic pieces and drawings. Locations around the Mundi Mundi lookout and further down towards the Umberumberka reservoir served this purpose beautifully.

A must see, is an amazing riverbed that has cut deep into the earth with stark walls of bright red dirt. It blows me away every time I see it.

A reflective journey

I encourage you to come to Broken Hill for similar experiences, to make your own connections and create your experiences.

And to experience Broken Hill in this way, creates experiences that dip deep into the soul. If the colour and texture of Broken Hill were a palette, our soul is the canvas on which a vivid imprint is left.

Join us in Broken Hill

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