Silly Goat

Culinary innovation at Silly Goat

Broken Hill’s Silly Goat café for delicious food, coffee and networking. Emilie Keenan and the team at the café are a perfect example of Broken Hill’s developing tourism services and business confidence.

Some years back, this team took the bold step of moving away from traditional fried food to serve customers healthy and creative menus together with providing a social experience.

In Emilie’s words, “I figured if Broken Hill is going to move forward and evolve as a town, it would take people with bold ambitions to take the plunge and do something different”.

“Emilie’s bold ambition for Silly Goat has paid off.”

For healthy meals that are delicious, varied and nutritional, a coffee fix, or networking with friends and associates, Silly Goat café is recognised as the place to be in Broken Hill.

With its location opposite the Broken Hill Regional Gallery

The Silly Goat located opposite the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, adds an element of synergy and liveliness to Sully’s end of Argent Street. The Silly Goat has been built from scratch and features old mining equipment and relics — it gives the authentic experience of the destination that todays traveler is looking for and celebrates Broken Hill’s heritage and culture.

Silly Goat meets the needs of both locals and travelers

Guests of The Lodge Outback Motel are ideally located a 12-minute walk away from Silly Goat and can join the locals, as well their fellow-tourists, over a breakfast that many are willing to rave about in testimonials.

Guests say: “Ate here for breakfast three mornings in a row of my stay in Broken Hill.
Food excellent and the best coffee between Newcastle and Adelaide as shown by the crowds each morning waiting for coffee orders”.

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed — and we’re not kidding.