Broken Hill iconic places

Looking for Broken Hill iconic places, that unique place that will give you the instagram moment of your holiday.

I invite you to come with me and I’ll take you through to my favourite Broken Hill iconic places: Line of Lode, Silverton, Sculptures, Mundi Mundi & Joe Keenan lookout.

For the best view of Broken Hill visit the Line of Lode on federation way

With a 360- degree view of the city, the Line of Lode offers a unique entry point to Broken Hill. From far away you can see the iconic structures high on the hill, the Miners memorial and the Broken Earth Café. On the top mining equipment is scattered around a reminder of what made Broken Hill


A town shaped of a time gone long ago. Situated 25kms northwest of Broken Hill, Silverton is known for the iconic Silverton Hotel, John Dynon’s gallery and the Mad-Max Museum.

Silverton has provided backdrop to movies such as the Mad-Max, Wake in Fright, A town like Alice & Razorback. Enter the Silverton hotel and you will see collected paper cuttings of all famous films produced in town.

Mundi Mundi lookout

Want to experience ‘an outback sunset done right’? Bring your favourite cheese, crackers & wine and park your car at the Mundi Mundi lookout. It is breathtaking, like standing on the curvature of the world waiting for the sun to go down.

Desert Sculptures

Set on a hill just out of town a group of 12 sculptures carved in sandstone provides a perfect backdrop for another beautiful sunset opportunity. Surrounded by the view of the vast plains, the Sculpture symposium is a place described as very relaxing and good for the soul

Joe Keenan lookout

Joe Keenan’s Lookout located at the end of Mica Lane offers an excellent view over the city. Here you can see the many mineshafts, hills and the line of lode; the constant reminder of what Broken Hill was once born of.