Willyama Art Society

About the Willyama Art Society exhibition

The Lodge Motel and Gallery in collaboration with the Willyama Art Society is now showing a selection of work created by the society members: Barb Hands, Janet Denley, Brian Jenkins, Phyllis Ragenovich, Joan Morris-Cracker, Robert A Groves, Ann Mitchell, Gunter Kaires & Michele Stephens.

The exhibition of water colour, acrylic and gouache paintings is open everyday between 10-4pm for viewing at the Lodge Outback Motel.

About the Willyama Art Society

The Willyama Art Society has been in existence since 1961 founded by John Lindsay Gregory and to this day remains strong and active with enthusiastic Broken Hill artists.

It was following John Lindsay Gregory trip to London in 1960 and seeing all the art displays along Marble Arch that on his return to Broken Hill decided to form a ‘club’, a place to congregate and merge with fellow artists. This is how the “Willyama Art Society” started.

In a short time the WAS grew to represent 50 artists an held exhibitions in Sturt Park displaying art work by Pro Hart, Sam Bryne, Charles Hopgood, May Harding and many more.

Constant new members keep the WAS active with hobby-artist’s and professionals sharing their art passion, with monthly meetings planning exhibitions and workshops. Artist draw inspiration from their daily lives and the surrounding environment of Outback NSW, Joan Morris-Cracker explains, “I am a hobby artist who likes to try all art mediums and likes to drive around the countryside near Menindee, Silverton, Wentworth & Adelaide. I find a common sight of the land is seeing windmills and water tanks on properties, some in use and some abandoned but is familiar to our outback like a trademark of history”

The Society has in the past given out donations of artwork to raise funds and subsidies to various establishments such as “Homes of Compassion” & Schools.