Susan Thomas | exhibitor | Outback | Colour & Wind

Artist Statement

Susan Thomas is currently BHAE incorporated Artistic Director and a practicing artist. As an artist her primary practice is painting & drawing although all types of mediums are of interest.

Where did you go to find inspiration for the work you have exhibited at the Outback | Colour & Wind exhibition?

The artworks represent different landscapes around Broken Hill including the Imperial Lakes and the Regeneration Reserves. The Imperial Lakes are a body of water situated on the edge of the city and home to ducks, swans, pelicans and other wildlife. The lakes are mine property and once a popular place to picnic and swim. Today the Imperial Lakes are closed to the public reportedly due to the inability to address insurance issues. The Regeneration Reserves or ‘green belts’ surrounding the city mitigate the effects of dust storms and desertification caused by industry development. There are seven reserves and the Southside reserve was recently opened for public access.

What motivates you to work as an artist?

Within the competing and overlapping visual information in these landscapes I seek ‘balance’ in the composition, while focusing on the tension between the public and private spheres / Nature and culture.

What has motivated you to be part of this exhibition and how is this connected to the Broken Hill Art Exchange?

‘It is wonderful to be included in this group exhibition at the Lodge Outback Motel for the Desert Equinox event in 2018. I moved back to my hometown of Broken Hill in 2001 where I founded the Broken Hill Art Exchange. The organisation is not for profit and operated by volunteers. It facilitates the exchange of skills & resources between artists and other disciplines engaging artistic practices. Through the Art Exchange’s Desert Equinox events, many working relationships have developed between BHAE & other businesses including the Lodge Outback Motel. The building is full of history & this exhibition is exciting because it’s offering a new venue to exhibit artworks & attend events in Broken Hill. I love all the artworks being exhibited by each of the artists in this group, which includes local artists & others from interstate.