Stories of Broken Hill an exhibition of local art

Wayne Williams | Exhibitor | Stories of Broken Hill an exhibition of local art

After the success of our first exhibition Outback Colour & Wind we are exited to be showing a new selection of local art. The two feature artists are: Wayne Williams and Albert Woodroffe.

Artist statement of Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams is a professional pencil artist from Broken Hill and has been drawing since the age of 14. His main interest is in local art subjects and racehorses drawn with black lead pencils on top quality art paper.

Wayne works out of his Studio in 85 Harris St Broken Hill, where he also displays his extensive collection of work.

What are the stories behind the pieces you have exhibited at the Lodge Outback Motel?

My main piece in this exhibition is a portrait that I have done of Pro Hart. He forms a big source of inspiration for my work and I like to recognise Pro Hart for the work he has done for placing Broken Hill on the map.

What motivates you to work as an artist?

I just love drawing with pencil. I will start with a 2B pencil drawing the main sections of the work before moving on to the finer details, such as perfecting the muscle definition of the horses. To do this I use 4B & 6B pencils and cotton buds to rub the pencil marks into the paper.

Using pencils to draw gives me the opportunity to focus on each very detail, I can become a bit obsessed about it; one drawing can take 100 hours to complete.

What is the main thing you want your art to communicate to viewers?

I love creating works that is realistic and my emphasis is on images that people can relate to. My work is inspired by the rich culture and history that we have in Australia, in particular racehorses and local Broken Hill events.