Pop-up art exhibition Outback | Colour | Wind

Pop-up art exhibition at the Lodge Outback Motel featuring local artists

It is with great excitement that we have now opened our doors for the first pop-up art exhibition ‘Outback Colour & Wind’. It has long been our vision to use the public area at the Lodge to display art that show cases the region of Outback NSW.

We have named the exhibition ‘Outback Colour & Wind’ a title that is a combination of characteristics of this region and elements that inspires the artists of Broken Hill. The art exhibition is part of the Broken Hill Art Exchange series of events.

We have an exciting line up for the exhibition with artists from Broken Hill and other areas.

Asma d. Mather has brought a selection of prints entitled ‘what is in between’. It approaches the notion that our events and unfolding experiences in the world are occurring in space; a space defined as being between heaven and earth.

Gritta Walker, is exhibiting a selection of sculptural works created from manufactured and found objects which have been refigured by combining them with various materials such as cloth, string, plaster, bitumen or wire.

Helene Power, is exhibiting a selection of framed & unframed drawings. Her point of focus has been the Australian landscape, taking inspiration from the strong and vibrant energy of the vast plains, the red dirt, the heat intensity and the dust storms.

Karl James works with a wide range of colourful expressions, figurative narratives and portraits in oil and watercolour.

Sam Oster is a professional photographer; the work on display is from a fieldtrip she did to the Flinders Rangers. Her work explores timelapse, 3D lenticular images, as well as bullet-time (time slice) techniques.

Susan Thomas is exhibiting a number of unframed artworks on paper. Her works represent different landscapes around Broken Hill including the Imperial Lakes and the Regeneration Reserves.

The exhibition is open everyday from 10-4pm