New Broken Hill tourism venture

New Broken Hill tourism venture – planning a ‘Pop up’ art exhibition at the Lodge Outback Motel

It has long been our vision to use the public area at the Lodge Outback Motel to display art, so it is with great excitement that we have finally taken the steps towards making this new Broken Hill tourism venture a reality.

The culture and heritage of this building is significant and one that we believe supports our idea. The exhibition that we will be showing is a celebration of the outback and its colours. It will be running in conjunction with the Broken Hill Art Exchange Desert Equinox Solar & wind project.

Adding value to Broken Hill known as a vibrant and cultural destination

During the last couple of years the Lodge Outback Motel has worked on creating new values for guest adding to the overall Broken Hill tourism experience. The most visible project so far has been the mural designed by street artist Lisa King. The mural was composed to celebrate the achievements of the original owner of the property: Dr MacGilivray, his family and his interests in ornithology & conservation work.

The new ‘pop-up’ art exhibition is our next step to create further experiences for guests choosing to stay with us. The exhibition is to run through March and April and will include a number of different artists with a connection to the Outback.

Exhibition ‘Outback, Colour & wind’

Each of the featured artists will bring their individual interpretation of the Exhibition title ‘Outback, colour & wind’. One of the artists that will be featured is Helene Power, besides being joint owner of the motel she has also worked as a visual artist using soft pastels, pencils and clay. Her point of focus has been the Australian landscape, taking inspiration from the strong and vibrant energy of the vast plains, the red dirt, the heat intensity and the dust storms; an energy and landscape that stands in strong contrast to Denmark, where she grew up.

Take note of the date; come and see the exhibition ‘Outback, Colour & Wind’.