Heritage near me

Heritage near me – an exhibition of social stories from the Lodge Outback Motel

This exhibition Heritage near me draws together social stories of the Lodge Outback Motel going all the way back to its original owner Dr William MacGillivray.

The exhibition is a culmination of research that has unveiled narratives, unknown facts and fascinating stories about life in Broken Hill and at this property. Make sure you come and see this very fascinating exhibition of a grand time gone by.

Heritage near me is an exhibition where guests can immerse themselves in the social stories

The exhibition starts with an introduction to Dr MacGillivray and his family and goes on to share intriguing details about the life he lived, as a Doctor and as an avid bird nerd. He went on many travels through the outback and published a number of papers about his studies.

Following his death in 1934, his son Dr Ian MacGillivray took over his practise and residence. The property has up until 1965 been a residence for a number of different doctors including Dr. Schlink. The first female doctor in Broken Hill, a Dr remembered for her dedication but always with a cigarette in her mouth.

It has been intriguing process to unravel the details and collate them into the Heritage near me exhibition

Researching the design and layout of this building has been captivating. To see the actual floor plan of this grand building and work out details from there has been a very rewarding process.

Revealing our heritage is about creating contemporary, interactive and immersive experiences that inspire a sense of wonder and pride in Australia’s history. Hence why we have also included a photo wall on our latest initiatives. Make sure you come and see the exhibition Heritage near me, it is up until the end of February 2019.