Albert Woodroffe | exhibitor | stories of Broken Hill

We are excited to show work of Albert Woodroffe & Wayne Williams a selection of local art drawn from the rich field of artists that live and work in Broken Hill. The exhibition is hosted in our main building; a building that we believe has a significant heritage to Broken Hill.

Profile of Albert Woodroffe

Albert Woodroffe has his own Gallery & studio in Silverton. When he first visited Silverton 31 years ago it made a real impact on him, so much so that he gave up his trade to start painting. Silverton with its original stone buildings has provided Albert with many opportunities to paint.

“However, Albert doesn’t just paint the streetscape — he captures the social interactions within them, like vignettes in a film. One of these includes the view from his gallery window”

What are the stories behind the pieces exhibited at the Lodge Outback Motel?

The inspiration for this particular piece of work ‘Beyond 3G’ is not just about static architecture it is also about the lifestyle and how we live out here.

I went through a period where I enjoyed painting during moonlight; this painting is one of them. It depicts a car coming in from Mundi Mundi station. Some of their contractors are coming to pick up the young fellow; he’s been over at the pub and made a phone call to the station.

What motivates you to work as an artist?

I look for unusual perspectives from corners of streets. I look at architecture, buildings and the way they are placed in the landscape.

Sometimes I stick my head in the window where it is not wanted. My work also carries suggestions of social matters that has made an impact one way or another.