Tiny Cactus

The Tiny Cactus
November 7, 2017 Blog, November

The Tiny Cactus

The Tiny Cactus is part of the Renew Far West program to create opportunities for artists, cultural projects and community groups. Empty buildings are made available until they become commercially viable.

Claire Haynes, the owner of the Tiny Cactus, was a stay at home Mum for 5 years who desperately wanted to reconnect with her creative side.

“I had a vision book that I would write in and my dream was to open a store where I could sell my jewellery and also offer a space that was socially inclusive for the community” Says Claire

Shop at the Tiny Cactus

The name The Tiny Cactus was chosen as a cactus not only survives in the desert but thrives…and this is what I hope for my happy place!

At the Tiny Cactus you can find jewellery created by Claire. She designs her own brand Tom & Doris, with inspiration taken from her vision book. You can also find a range of unique clothing and home wares all at affordable prices.

Coleen Markovic who visited to the shops wrote in her review: “Wow !!! What a little hidden gem. Great service, great prices, great display. Something Broken Hill definitely needs. Please people support this little business, I certainly will.”

interior view the tiny cactus

Interior view the Tiny Cactus

jewellery at the tiny cactus

Jewellery at the Tiny Cactus

the tiny cactus

The Tiny Cactus

Urban renewal

With the change in consumer behaviour and purchases moving online, changes are also noticeable to cities streetscapes. The Renew Far West program has been developed to stimulate economic development at the grass roots level in Broken Hill, to ensure that services and businesses continue to thrive and provide the community with much needed jobs, products, services and sustainability.


Claire says: “It was the universe’s way of saying “this is the time” when I was accepted into the Renew Far West program” She is very excited about this new opportunity and with the support of my Mum and Dad her dream has become a reality.

Make sure you visit the Tiny Cactus in Oxide St when visiting Broken Hill