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January 16, 2018 Blog, January

The app ‘Just like a Local’ developed by local entrepreneur a Broken Hill success story

Broken Hill entrepreneur Dionne Devlin developed the app ‘ Just Like a Local ’ an application which is free to download and contains information about local events, gathered from business, community, schools, councils, sporting bodies and event managers.

“Launched back in April 2017 and has already been downloaded 4026 times.”

A carefully researched app, Dionne saw the need for a platform to host local information

Instead of silos of information that we often have to navigate through, Just Like A Local offers the whole community an opportunity to be present in the same place.

“We’ve had visitors to town call in to the monthly book club or to grab a hot dog at the local school fete”. It’s working just how Dionne hoped it might.

What motivated Dionne to design Just Like a Local?

Dionne’s background is in small business management and she was recently the Small Biz Connect business advisor in the far west region while finishing her BA in Community Development.

“That role, along with my study, allowed me to see that regional Australian towns needed a new way to promote who they are and what they do to their own communities and to their visitors”.

The app lists local businesses and encourages them to list special offers to encourage patronage. Local events, both large and small are placed on the app’s calendar so that everyone has access to information about the largest festival, the local school fete, local philharmonic society performance or ukulele class in Broken Hill.

Listing paid jobs alongside volunteer roles also underlines the importance of volunteers in local communities and helps make it easier for both job-seekers to find roles and community entities to find the people they need.

The app can also link communities together, enabling people to check the information for another town or region close by or on the other side of Australia. For more information please download the app at the App Store or Google Play or contact engage@justlikealocal.com.au