Undiscover Broken Hill

February 20, 2019 Gallery

Undiscover Broken Hill We invite you, Undiscover the unique experiences that most tourists don’t know about. Make Broken Hill your next destination, be inspired and Undiscover what Broken Hill has to offer. This exhibition is a culmination of research that has Undiscover what draws traveller’s to this iconic Australian town. It is a narrative of […]

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Heritage near me

September 27, 2018 Gallery

Heritage near me – an exhibition of social stories from the Lodge Outback Motel This exhibition Heritage near me draws together social stories of the Lodge Outback Motel going all the way back to its original owner Dr William MacGillivray. The exhibition is a culmination of research that has unveiled narratives, unknown facts and fascinating […]

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Robert Groves | Cartoon artist

August 22, 2018 Gallery

About the exhibition by cartoon artist Robert Groves This exhibition is a collection of illustrations by cartoon artist Robert Groves. He drew inspiration from his 30 years of working in the mines. Robert Groves is well known for his wit and used his skills to draw hilarious safety posters that have been published in the […]

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‘Altar’ environmental art | work by Kane Trubenbacher

July 11, 2018 Blog, Gallery, July

‘Altar’ an installation of environmental art an experience of light & desert made permanent in a motel room  ‘Altar’ is a place designed to experience the ephemeral light of the desert, a space to make communion with the light, the desert and the endless horizons of the outback. ‘Too often’ says Kane ‘we take for […]

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Willyama Art Society

June 27, 2018 Gallery

About the Willyama Art Society exhibition The Lodge Motel and Gallery in collaboration with the Willyama Art Society is now showing a selection of work created by the society members: Barb Hands, Janet Denley, Brian Jenkins, Phyllis Ragenovich, Joan Morris-Cracker, Robert A Groves, Ann Mitchell, Gunter Kaires & Michele Stephens. The exhibition of water colour, acrylic […]

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Altar | Kane Trubenbacher | Art installation

June 4, 2018 Blog, Gallery

‘Altar’ by Kane Trubenbacher This new show ‘Altar’ by Kane Trubenbacher hosted at the Lodge Outback Motel, Broken Hill is part sculpture part installation. Placed in one of our motel rooms the installation will act as a space to make communion with the light and the land of the desert. Open everyday between 10-5pm, gold […]

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Albert Woodroffe | exhibitor | stories of Broken Hill

May 14, 2018 Blog, Gallery

Albert Woodroffe | Exhibitor | Stories of broken Hill an exhibition of local art We are excited to show work of Albert Woodroffe & Wayne Williams a selection of local art drawn from the rich field of artists that live and work in Broken Hill. The exhibition is hosted in our main building; a building […]

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Stories of Broken Hill an exhibition of local art

May 10, 2018 Blog, Gallery

Wayne Williams | Exhibitor | Stories of Broken Hill an exhibition of local art After the success of our first exhibition Outback Colour & Wind we are exited to be showing a new selection of local art. The two feature artists are: Wayne Williams and Albert Woodroffe. Artist statement of Wayne Williams Wayne Williams is […]

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Gritta Walker | exhibitor | Outback Colour & Wind

March 22, 2018 Gallery

Artist Statement Gritta Walker lives in Broken Hill. She is one of the 6 artist that is featured in the Outback | Colour & Wind exhibition that is currently hosted at the Lodge Outback Motel. What motivates Gritta Walker as an artist? My sculptural works are often created from manufactured and found objects which I […]

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Susan Thomas | exhibitor | Outback | Colour & Wind

March 13, 2018 Blog, Gallery, March

Artist Statement Susan Thomas is currently BHAE incorporated Artistic Director and a practicing artist. As an artist her primary practice is painting & drawing although all types of mediums are of interest. Where did you go to find inspiration for the work you have exhibited at the Outback | Colour & Wind exhibition? The artworks represent […]

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